Thank you for your valuable support in our mission. Here is how you can donate to the organization.

We are on our way to raising 1.3 million dollars this year for 3 current projects we have ongoing.

  • We are involved in building a community shelter for children and adults with special needs & disabilities.
  • We are supporting a children’s school in India for orphans and displaced kids.
  • We are helping young girls in India become free from Temple prostitution.

Please read more about each project in detail on our Projects page.

You can always comeback and see the progress we are making together on this neat fundraiser meter.

#ff6000 Raised $15,490 towards the $1,300,000 target.

We have a few options for you to donate your gifts to us.

Choosing to donate with this option is our preferred choice, for the reason that we will receive 100% of your proceeds. By clicking on Donate button below you will be directed to our Global Orphan Care PayPal Fundraiser page. There you will the option to select a suggested amount or input an amount of your choice. Remember no Gift is too small. You will have to login with your PayPal account or create one. You can also donate anonymously if you choose. You will receive a tax deductible receipt in your email after PayPal processes your gift. Please consider using this option.

Choosing this option you can simply use a Debit/Credit card of your choice. This is also provided by PayPal, although you do not need to have an account. This option is for your convenience, we do not suggest going into debt to help others. Also, please keep in mind that by using this option we will not receive all of your proceeds. PayPal charges us 2.2% to run this transaction and we want you to be aware of this fact. We are very humbled in your generosity.

You can also donate by sending us a personal check, cashiers check, or money order (please do not send cash in the mail) to the address below

Global Orphan Care

5270 Krieger Court, Suite C

Columbus, OH 43228

Thank you so much for your generous contribution.