Devadasi Project in India

The Issue:

Devadasi System: In a country of India where the devadasi system takes place, life of oppression has overshadowed the lives of many young girls.

Parents are forced to give up their firstborn daughters to temple prostitution as worship to their idols or deities.

Often times, to survive, they sell their other daughters to make some ends meet.

These girls are categorized as Devadasis.

We want to rescue these girls from such a terrible lifestyle and help them start over.

The best way to do that is to build a home for them in which they can be granted a second chance at life.

The Solution:

Agape House: Center in which these girls can begin new lives.

To receive an education.

To learn basic skills and receive jobs.

To raise their children in a loving and caring environment.

To be loved.

To receive freedom and hope.

To learn about Jesus who loves them.

End of oppression and onto a new beginning with Christ.


We are currently raising money to buy the land and begin the construction of the center. In the meantime we have rented a home and began working with the girls. Soon we plan to begin a program in which girls can learn computer, and sewing skills. This program will draw the girls closer to us and make it easier for us to rescue them from the temples. Also, it will teach them skill that can generate income for them in the future. But most importantly, through this program the girls will receive a chance to learn about the love of Christ.


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Kristina PoliukKristina Poliuk

Executive Director

If you would like to contact me about this project, you can reach me by phone (440) 591-0019 or e-mail at